posted 1/21/15 4:00 PM

The Hate

Pointing out that Larry is a fake and glorifies every dumb stereotype of middle America there is is like pointing out that shit stinks.

Everyone knows Larry is a hack and a fake and unfunny, except for Larry's fans, and there probably isn't any hope for the anyway.

What you're doing is easy and lazy. And what's more David Cross and anyone with half a brain has been saying everything you've said for years now. What halfway intelligent person finds Larry humorous, or doesn't realize the guy is a hack? Do you really think the world needs one unfunny comic criticizing another?

Also, after watching your "rant" or critic or whatever it was, and listening to a few of your bits, I've come to the conclusion that you're just playing the opposite end of the Larry the Cable Guy spectrum. Instead of playing to the dumb rednecks he does you play to rich, over-educated "intellectuals". Good for you, but whatever happened to just trying to be funny? Unless you really think bits like "Taco Bell Express" or making fun of Larry the Cable guy fans and their love of big jars of mayo are really funny? If you do, maybe you should find another line of work.

My Response

First, it's critique, not critic. Second, my album was conceptualized almost three years ago. Third, get off your high horse you two-bit excuse for a "critic."

You critique me for being easy, but then say my material shouldn't have a message. You critique me for being honest, and then criticize me for pandering. You critique me for not going after the real problems, and then say that there's no hope for anyone who disagrees with me. Makes perfect sense.

And what I do is NOT easy. You think it's easy getting hatemail from pseudo-intellectuals like yourself? Not a day goes by where someone doesn't call me a horrible name, threaten to kill me, or a combination of the two. That's not easy. What's easy is telling simple jokes that don't offend anyone, which is what you're suggesting I do.

I've said it a hundred times - simply being funny is not the only thing a comedian should be doing. We also have the ability to educate our audience, and if you'd watched more than one clip of my act, you'd know that's what I'm out there to do.

And you are the exact type of person I'm rallying against - someone smart enough to construct the email you did, but someone with his head so far up his own ass that he can't see that the world around him is filled with differing viewpoints. It's not enough to have intelligence. You ought use it sometimes, too.