Book Steve Hofstetter!

To book Steve, contact Barry Mackey at Next Round Entertainment

One of the youngest comedians on the corporate scene, Hofstetter is not the typical Dilbert office comic. Hofstetter's intelligent humor is well received by the corporate world, and his "war on ignorance" makes him the best option for any corporate event.

See what people are saying about Steve:

"Regarded as one of the country's finest comedians."
   -Portland Tribune

"Steve Hofstetter is one of the best comics I've seen."
   -Corinne Heller, E! Entertainment Television

"Steve was amazing to work with and did an outstanding job."
   -Brian Jackson, Ft Rucker Army Post

"Best entertainment we've ever had."
   -Robin Zucker, Forest Lake Country Club

"Steve played to our audience like a real pro, alternately drawing them in and delivering zingers. It made for an extraordinarily energizing and provocative evening."
   -Cass Cannon, Charlottesville Company of Friends

"Everyone enjoyed the show tremendously. The town is still talking about it. He was very friendly and down to earth. We hope he can return soon to enjoy the area."
   -Maureen Guzek, Ontonagon Theatre

"Steve brings great energy into every room he enters. He has been a favorite on my show at the Hollywood Improv called "An Evening of Ivy League Comedy." Can't wait to have him on again!"
   -Lesley Wolff, Hollywood Improv

"Steve brought out such a jolt of laughter as soon as he took the stage and then kept it going on. His energy and his material were just what my show needed!"
   -Connie Perry, LAUGH for LAF Comedy Challenges

"Steve was outstanding! He is truly a gifted comedian and a real trooper. Although we had some trouble with the sound equipment at our venue, Steve didn't let that prevent him from putting on a fabulous show. He stepped to the front of the stage and literally screamed his act so everyone could hear him."
   -Barry Maxwell, Youth Services of Tulsa

"Steve Hofstetter is that rare combination of funny and intelligent."
   -Comedian Jim Gaffigan

"That’s funny sh**."
   -Adam Duritz, Counting Crows

"I love Steve Hofstetter more than I love Canned Pears...And I friggin love Canned Pears."
   -Comedian Mitch Fatel

"Steve Hofstetter is hilarious, creative and cool."
   -Comedian Alonzo Bodden

"Recommended if you dig Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Wuhl, Woody Allen."
   -Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Steve Hofstetter is fantastic in an intergalactic way."
   -Comedian Chris Rush

"Jokester Steve Hofstetter, may quickly become one of your favorite comedians."
   -Tamara Ikenberg, Louisville Courier-Journal