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Having appeared on CBS' "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," hosting "Trial By Laughter" on Comcast, CNN's "Campbell Brown," the syndicated "Comics Unleashed," E's "True Hollywood Story," Showtime's "White Boyz in the Hood," ESPN's "Quite Frankly," VH1's "The Countdown," CW's "The Daily Buzz", G4's "Attack of the Show", Sundance's "On the Road in America," ABC's "Barbara Walters Special," and dozens of local appearances, Steve Hofstetter is a veteran of television. Hofstetter is a natural host, but can also showcase and act. Add in his built in online and radio exposure, and he's your best choice for any film or television project.

See what people are saying about Steve:

"Regarded as one of the country's finest comedians."
   -Portland Tribune

"Steve Hofstetter is one of the best comics I've seen."
   -Corinne Heller, E! Entertainment Television

"I'm excited to hear what Steve might have in store for us down the line...I really dig his sensibility and think he's a smart guy."
   -Clayton Krueger, FX Networks

"We absolutely loved having Steve on the show, I just regret our anchors didn't have more time to talk with him. Please continue to let us know about any upcoming events you have!"
   -Lindsay Martin, Fox 23 Daybreak - Tulsa, OK

"Steve Hofstetter is that rare combination of funny and intelligent."
   -Comedian Jim Gaffigan

"That’s funny sh**."
   -Adam Duritz, Counting Crows

"I love Steve Hofstetter more than I love Canned Pears...And I friggin love Canned Pears."
   -Comedian Mitch Fatel

"Recommended if you dig Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Wuhl, Woody Allen."
   -Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Jokester Steve Hofstetter, may quickly become one of your favorite comedians."
   -Tamara Ikenberg, Louisville Courier-Journal

"Called the 'Thinking Man's Comic' and compared to a young Jerry Seinfeld by Jay Leno, Hofstetter is an up-and-comer."
   -Karen Shade, Tulsa World