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Steve Hofstetter Campus Reps


As a campus rep, points = cash! Every 10,000 you get can be redeemed for $100 cash.

And one rep each year will win an all expenses paid trip to NYC or LA (Your choice!) to see Steve perform (and have dinner with the guy, too). Every 1,000 rep points you get gets you one entry into the contest. The more points you get, the better your chances of winning!

How does it work? You do what you can to rep Steve on your campus. Create a campus facebook group, distribute postcards, email student activities - whatever you can do to help. Everything you do is worth points - which can be redeemed for cash and used to win a free trip across the country.

How do you apply? Just fill out the form below and we'll contact you shortly!

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Campus Reps

Assumption College John Baglio
Assumption College Michael Agbortoko *pending*
Assumption College Joseph Senecal
Ball State University Kyle Brinson
Ball State University Mitchell Peaks
Ball State University Mackenzie Kron
Ball State University Jordan Phillip Davis *pending*
Butler University Mark Andrew McCarthy *pending*
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Alexandra Lauren Halland
Carthage College Stephanie Casstevens *pending*
Chicago State University Keyera West *pending*
Coastal Carolina University Candice Clarke *pending*
College of Mount St. Joseph Najeeb Abdur-Rahman
Colorado School of Mines Roslynn King *pending*
Colorado School of Mines Brian Schopen *pending*
Columbus State Community College Tom Mazzuchi
Drexel University Stacy Litz
East Central University Matthew Hamilton
Emerson College Pernilla Ahgren *pending*
Fairmont State University Gary M White
Fairmont State University Randy Bo Saxon *pending*
Fairmont State University Erica Nicole Dye
Fairmont State University Gregory Hayhurst Jr.
Ferris State University Kris Hammond
Florida Community College at Jacksonville Lauren Sauls
Gainesville College Nick Carpenter
Gainesville College Ashley Mitchell
George Mason University Emily Elizabeth Owens
Georgia State University Brent Yancy
Gettysburg College Jeremy Wetmore
Hampshire College Holly Elizabeth Currier *pending*
Indiana University Kokomo Bobbie Jo Ridenhour
Indiana University of Pennsylvania melkia green *pending*
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Marissa Twiss *pending*
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Michael John Walters *pending*
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Christina Ellis *pending*
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Ray Smith
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Shavonneice Loubar
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Julia Kishbaugh
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Ray Smith *pending*
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Aereyelle DuBois
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Kaitlyn Kline
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Chris Harris *pending*
Indiana University–Purdue Allison Adeyemi
Indiana University–Purdue Jena Elaine Gates *pending*
Indiana University–Purdue JaBria Diane Ezell *pending*
Indiana University–Purdue So Jeong Lee
Indiana University–Purdue Robert Daniel Martinez *pending*
Indiana University–Purdue Tionna Lana Belk
Indiana University–Purdue Gabrielle Mitchell *pending*
Indiana University–Purdue Kari Martin
Indiana University–Purdue Casie Stone
Indiana University–Purdue Steven Charles Malander Jr. *pending*
Indiana University–Purdue Renee Larson *pending*
Iona College Philip John Ravanello *pending*
John Carroll University Douglas deWysocki Jr
Johnson & Wales University Heather Lyn Rabinovitz *pending*
Johnson & Wales University Nicole Matellian Hall *pending*
Johnson & Wales University Shakira Walker *pending*
Johnson & Wales University shana pollack *pending*
Kent State University Josh Belford *pending*
Kent State University, Tuscarawas Kimberly Lynn Arnder *pending*
Knox College Ángeles Garduño
Knox College tundun lawani
Lewis & Clark College Melia Schurig
Lycoming College Anthony
Lycoming College Megan Bullick
Mary Washington College Erika Spivey *pending*
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Richard Yoon
McDaniel College JaNairra Myers *pending*
Miami University Emorie Lindy Finnell *pending*
Miami University Katie Chaffee *pending*
Miami University Molly Dobbins
Miami University Farman Pirzada *pending*
Miami University Alexandra McNulty *pending*
Miami University Mary-Elise Badolato
Miami University Alexandra McNulty *pending*
New Jersey Institute of Technology Kevin Van Oss *pending*
Northeastern University Sayo Owoseni *pending*
Northeastern University Sarah Rogers *pending*
Northern Kentucky University Charles Alexander Burgess
Northern Kentucky University Kevin Michael Bauer
Ohio State University Megan Medeiros
Ohio State University Fan Wang
Ohio State University Sudeep Nigam *pending*
Ohio State University Chelsea Quinn *pending*
Oklahoma City University John M Nichols *pending*
Old Dominion University Robert Erich Wilde Klugerman
Oregon State University Oliver Padilla
Purdue University Thomas Nicholas Wisnewski
Purdue University Chao Zhen Bobby Chen *pending*
Purdue University chad michael emery
Purdue University William Michael LaRue
Ripon College Shelby Rae Dukes *pending*
Rochester Institute of Technology Ross Lancaster *pending*
Rutgers University Jorge Suening *pending*
Rutgers University - Camden Leah Shamilov *pending*
Saginaw Valley State University Monica Ginop *pending*
Saginaw Valley State University Sarah White
Saint Anselm College Catherine Carroll
Saint Anselm College Regina Marie Federico *pending*
Saint Anselm College Lindsey Edwards *pending*
Saint Anselm College Bridget Kathleen Sylvester *pending*
Saint Anselm College Justine M Johnson *pending*
Saint Anselm College Kathryn DiCenso
Saint Anselm College andrew freeman *pending*
Saint Anselm College Madison Waters *pending*
Saint Anselm College Joseph Ferrantelli *pending*
Seton Hall University Jada Consuela Turbe *pending*
Simpson College Leah Otieno *pending*
Southern Polytechnic State University Jodie Delene Davis *pending*
Southern Polytechnic State University Yvonne Allen *pending*
Stanford University Brian Hollins *pending*
Stetson University Manal Patel
SUNY New Paltz Jordan E. Blanco
SUNY Plattsburgh Nicole Simone Weber *pending*
SUNY Plattsburgh Nicole Simone Weber
Texas Christian University Dalton Goodier *pending*
Texas Lutheran University Andrea Jameson *pending*
Towson University Breanee Mckenzie
Towson University Chanita Gunn
Towson University Kimberley Noah *pending*
University of Alabama Karissa Bursch
University of Alabama Brittany Leigh Minyard
University of Alabama Ashley Swafford
University of Arkansas Matthew Stearman
University of Arkansas Chase Actkinson
University of Bridgeport Marcel Ringold
University of California, San Diego Shirley Dong *pending*
University of California, San Diego Melanie Odo
University of Central Oklahoma Brandon Barnes
University of Cincinnati Maria Clemencia Sanchez *pending*
University of Colorado at Boulder Ashkan Sobhi
University of Connecticut Hayley Crombleholme *pending*
University of Connecticut Catherine O'Mara *pending*
University of Massachusetts Amherst Nicole Baldner
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Michelle nguyen *pending*
University of Massachusetts Lowell Michael McMahon
University of Michigan Lauren Jacob
University of Michigan Heather Cooper
University of Michigan Jeremy Batt *pending*
University of Michigan Jesus Vicente Murillo *pending*
University of Michigan Carmen I. Colmenero *pending*
University of Minnesota Zhen Zhang *pending*
University of Minnesota Xiaomeng Qu
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Sophia Yong Nicholson
University of North Carolina at Charlotte Michael Duane Brown *pending*
University of Oklahoma Herve Sivuilu
University of Oregon Anise Lashawn Hames *pending*
University of Rhode Island Gianna Hayes *pending*
University of San Diego Deirdre E Grecco
University of Scranton Nicholas Paganelli *pending*
University of Scranton jamie mariani
University of South Carolina Sarah Sakinah
University of South Florida carmin williams *pending*
University of South Florida Kahmalia-Kalee Sada
University of Tennessee Joshua Caleb Palmer
University of Tennessee Hannah Brock Rust *pending*
University of Tennessee Jason Chan
University of Tennessee Najiyah Kelly
University of Tennessee Jessica Ashley Hamed
University of Tennessee Andrea Knicole Gill
University of Tennessee Stephanie Jeannine Woodle
University of Tennessee Jasmine Jones
University of Tennessee Shana Ward *pending*
University of Tennessee Ashley Poston *pending*
University of Texas at Arlington Denisse Bermejo
University of Texas at Austin Samantha Magana *pending*
University of Texas at Austin Greg Fletcher *pending*
University of Texas at San Antonio Antonia Spence *pending*
University of Virginia Sean McGoey
University of Wisconsin–Madison Matthew Flunker
University of Wisconsin–Platteville Katelyn McPhearson *pending*
University of Wisconsin–Platteville Joseph B PETERSON *pending*
University of Wisconsin–Platteville Bethany Kolman *pending*
University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point Rachel Mayer
University of Wisconsin–Whitewater Anna Seely
Vanderbilt University Lauren Rollins
Virginia Commonwealth University Steve Sherba
Virginia Commonwealth University Kelsey Snyder *pending*
Wesleyan University Matt Leibowitz
Wesleyan University Richard Benjamin Starzec
Wesleyan University Jacob B Barack
West Virginia University Kevin Ayoola *pending*
Western Connecticut State University Debra Salvato
Wilkes University Breanne Ralston
Willamette University Madeline Grainger *pending*
Winthrop University Jaleesa Pauling
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Alexander G. Orphanos
Xavier University Farheen Kaleem
Steve Plays a Show on Campus5000None needed
Endorsement Letter From A Professor800Send us a copy
Email Student Activities250BCC us
Tabling On Campus750Send us a picture
Wear a Steve Sandwich Sign1000Send us a picture
Put up 25 Steve Posters500Send us a picture
Distribute postcards500Send us a picture
Chalk Campus500Send us a picture
Wear a Steve T-Shirt For a Day250Send us a picture
Story in College Paper2000Send us a copy
Story on Campus TV1000Send us a copy
Email Local Radio Station About Having Steve On100BCC us
Create Facebook Group For Local People200Email us
Create Facebook Event Page For a Local Show200Email us
Tag Steve in Your Facebook Status Update10Send us a screenshot
Tag Steve in a Tweet10Send us a screenshot
Each Facebook Group Member3None needed
Each Facebook Event Attendee3None needed
Each Facebook Post on Steve's Fan Page (one per week)5Send us a screen shot
Each Like on Your Facebook Post on Steve's Fan Page5Send us a screen shot
Create Fan Website500Email us
Link on your blog/website10Email us
Each Petition Signature10None needed
Each Campus Album Download5None needed
Weekly Rep Contest Winner
(Poster Design, Largest Steve Display, etc)
500Send us a picture
Weekly Rep Contest Entry25None needed