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In October of 2007, Radiohead changed the recording industry when they allowed pay-what-you-want downloads of their new album off their website. And though the experiment had an expiration date of December 10th, the band rocked the recording world by doing something so new and inventive.

Some artists blasted the band; the Manic Street Preachers went as far as to say that Radiohead was demeaning music. I disagree. If anything, they're empowering it.

Art is very personal. You might love a song or a painting or a joke so much that it changes your life. What makes a sculpture worth $10,000? Someone deciding that they got $10,000 worth of enjoyment out of it. So why can't someone determine what an album is worth to them?

It's been almost ten years since Napster changed the way we listen to music, but record companies have moved to combat this change with all the speed of a pregnant sloth on valium. Maybe slower.

The internet is truly democratic. And though every now and then some kid crying about Brittany Spears can become famous, so can emerging artists who have produced a quality product.

I have always been thankful for the way the internet has allowed me to reach people, and for the support those people have given me. So pay what you want for my new album. Figure out what it's worth to you - and I hope it can be that quality product that you're looking for.

Thank You,
-Steve Hofstetter