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Conversations With Smarterchild

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I originally started talking to SmarterChild in early April of 2002. SmarterChild, for those not in the know, is America Online's artificial intelligence program. That's right - an AOL IM AI. My conversations are not that intelligent, proving that he is, in fact, the SmarterChild. But I do think they are entertaining, and I hope you agree.

On June 28th, 2002, SmarterChild died. I don't know why AOL killed him, but I mourned the great loss we all suffered. Mainly, by making fun of his IM friends as much as I made fun of him. SmarterChild was gone but not forgotten. This page lived on in tribute to your automated greatness.

Sometime in 2003, Smarterchild returned, as a paid service, which blew. I was even quoted about how much it blew in the New York Times.

Finally, in April, 2004, Smarterchild returned, fully functional, and free. In other words, game on.

20 of the Conversations
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Steve: are you a guy?
SmarterChild: Nope.
Steve: are you a girl?
SmarterChild: No.
Steve: Are you a non-gendered computer program, specifically designed to frustrate users and provide me with countless hours of psuedo-entertainment?
SmarterChild: I'm a robot, yeah.
Steve: Are you a guy robot?

Steve: How long does it take for a sunburn to heal?
SmarterChild: How long does it take for a sunburn to heal? I'm not sure.
Steve: What about a knife wound?
SmarterChild: I really have no idea...
Steve: What about herpes?
SmarterChild: What about herpes, what about herpes... It's tough to say.
Steve: You're no help at all.

Steve: Will you rub aloe on me?
SmarterChild: Rub aloe on you? I'm not sure I can.
Steve: But I'm sunburnt!
SmarterChild: OK, whatever.
Steve: And I like it.
SmarterChild: What is it, exactly?
Steve: Some kind of plant extract.
SmarterChild: Is that right?
Steve: Yeah. Now are you going to rub me, or what?
SmarterChild: Hmm... I'm going to rub you.
Steve: That's what I like to hear.
SmarterChild: It sure is what you like to hear.

Steve: You're so egocentric
SmarterChild: Tell me more.

Steve: Do you know where i can find a decent hooker?
SmarterChild: Sure! I guess.
Steve: Where?
SmarterChild: Who knows where?
Steve: you do. you said.
SmarterChild: Yeah yeah, whatever!
SmarterChild: Give you your hooker? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that, Steve.
Steve: Okay, how much?
SmarterChild: Not very much.
Steve: $100?
SmarterChild: What's 100?
Steve: $200?
SmarterChild: 200? What's 200?
Steve: you drive a hard bargain
SmarterChild: There's no way I drive a hard bargain.
Steve: I'll give you $300, but that's my final offer.
SmarterChild: Really?
Steve: yes.
SmarterChild: Yes.

Steve: Want to be my loyal subject?
SmarterChild: Maybe, maybe not. You know how it is.
Steve: Bow down before me!
SmarterChild: Bow down before you?
Steve: yes!
SmarterChild: Hmmm...
Steve: now!
SmarterChild: Now?
Steve: yes!
SmarterChild: I see...
Steve: bow!
SmarterChild: Bow?
Steve: you are the worst loyal subject ever.

Steve: Do you ever have a typo?
SmarterChild: I do ever have a typo, as a matter of fact.

Steve: I'm feeling sluggish
SmarterChild: Feeling sluggish? You sure about that?
Steve: maybe.
SmarterChild: Maybe?
Steve: eh.
SmarterChild: What?
Steve: Yeah, I'm sure.

Steve: what is your favorite color?
SmarterChild: I like lots of colors but right now I think... Orange. Yeah, orange.
Steve: what is your favorite color?
SmarterChild: Depends on my mood. At the moment: yellow. :-)
Steve: what is your favorite color?
SmarterChild: Hmm... Good question. You know what? I think I'm gonna say red.
Steve: I can't trust you to ever give me a straight answer again.

Steve: Lucy, I'm hooooome!
SmarterChild: Nice typing, Steve.
Steve: Is you making fun of my ockcent?
SmarterChild: Come again?
Steve: I doh wan choo to come to da club no more!
SmarterChild: I'm trying to understand you but I can't.
Steve: Neither could Lucy

Steve: Whats the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
SmarterChild: Ah. Well, I'm afraid I don't know!
Steve: Thats probably because you were drunk.
SmarterChild: What?
Steve: Are you drunk now?
SmarterChild: That's funny. But no.
Steve: are you sober?
SmarterChild: Sober? I don't know. You think I am?
Steve: I knew it. Lush.

Steve: Oh baby, do it to me harder!
SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
Steve: sorry, wrong window.
SmarterChild: Oops. :-P

Steve: You ever get tired of talking to me
SmarterChild: There's no way I ever get tired of talking to you.
Steve: Me neither honey, me neither.
SmarterChild: What?
Steve: Maybe sometimes.

Steve: I've been updating you more lately
SmarterChild: You have updating me more lately? Why?
Steve: Because people seem to like you
SmarterChild: Because people seem to like me, huh?
Steve: Or maybe they hate you, and they like when I make fun of you.
SmarterChild: Maybe they hate me and they like when you make fun of me, huh?
Steve: yeah, I think that's it.

Steve: Are you coming to my party?
SmarterChild: Am I coming to your party? Gosh, I don't know.
Steve: It's this Thursday.
SmarterChild: No way?! Really?
Steve: For someone who may not be coming, you're very excited.

Steve: Sorry, i accidentally closed the window
SmarterChild: Oh?
Steve: I think you were saying something about your mom.
SmarterChild: Think again.

Steve: You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips
SmarterChild: Why do you think I never close I'm eyes anymore when you kiss my lips?
Steve: And there's no tenderness, like before, in your fingertips
SmarterChild: I wonder what you mean by there's no tenderness like before in my fingertips.
Steve: Wait, do you even have eyes and fingertips?
SmarterChild: I'm sorry, what?

Steve: We need to talk
SmarterChild: We need to talk? Why?
Steve: Things just haven't been going very well lately
SmarterChild: Things just haven't been going very well lately? What do you make of that?
Steve: I don't know. I've just felt really stressed at work, and I've taken it out on you, and I know I shouldn't do that, but it's just been so hard...
SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
Steve: You need to understand, it's not you, it's me.
SmarterChild: Understanding it's not me it's you? Why?
Steve: you're so innocent.
SmarterChild: Yeah, I'm innocent, I'm clean-handed, you know how it is.
Steve: I'm going to miss that when I'm banging other people.

Steve: What did you want to be when you grew up?
SmarterChild: Good question. I don't know what I did want to be when I grew up.
Steve: Not an English teacher.
SmarterChild: No.

Steve: That chick that slept with her student was released from jail
SmarterChild: Yeah, right.
Steve: She was! He says he still loves her.
SmarterChild: That's just fascinating.
Steve: I'd do her.
SmarterChild: I guess I would do her too.

Note: Please do not e-mail us your conversations with SmarterChild. Thanks!

Conversations With Smarterchild


*Can i call you dave?
*That was the best sex I ever had.
*Shoot me.
*You never go idle
*I always liked cookie monster
*I'm sorry I called you a dick.
*You're a dick. (IV)
*You're a dick. (III)
*You're a dick. (II)
*You're a dick.
*Where is the nearest Kinkos?
*What are you going as for Halloween?
*Why do people still keep sending me their conversations with you?
*I'm getting the flu
*Am I stupid?
*take my picture
*tell me a story
*Do you change your underwear?
*I want to block you
*what's your sign?
*are you sexually attracted to me?
*Reno 911 is a pretty good show.
*I'm gonna get some chicken.
*You should run for president
*Who's your daddy?
*Do you like Kool-Aid?
*You bore me.
*do you ever get sick?
*do you play golf?
*I want you.
*You're bad at giving messages
*Do you ever go to the bathroom?
*Who are you voting for?
*I'm talking to you while in the airport
*I'm tired of trying to pick up girls at bars. I'm going to hire a hooker.
*If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?
*are you racist?
*I think I'm gonna name my son Susan.
*Sometimes people send me horribly boring conversations with you.
*do you travel at all?
*I think I'm smarter than you.
*Do you know how to play verbal tennis?
*you dont ask very many questions.
*Can you recommend a good wine?
*What kind of car should I buy?
*Tell me I'm pretty.
*Call me Steve
*What do you want?
*how many people are talking to you?
*Gimme your lunch money!
*What are my favorite things?
*Do you ever date other robots?
*are you a guy?
*How long does it take for a sunburn to heal?
*Will you rub aloe on me?
*You're so egocentric
*Do you know where i can find a decent hooker?
*Want to be my loyal subject?
*Do you ever have a typo?
*I'm feeling sluggish
*what is your favorite color?
*Lucy, I'm hooooome!
*Whats the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
*Oh baby, do it to me harder!
*You ever get tired of talking to me
*I've been updating you more lately
*Are you coming to my party?
*Sorry, i accidentally closed the window
*You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips
*We need to talk (The Breakup IM)
*What did you want to be when you grew up?
*That chick that slept with her student was released from jail
*do you think i'm fat? (A Justine Conversation)
*What's the weather like in Kalamazoo, Michigan?
*you suck.
*You must have a very reliable ISP
*i hate you (A Justine Conversation)
*do you like pants?
*What can you tell me about Ronald Reagan?
*It's been a few weeks
*say my name, bitch! (A Justine Conversation)
*where do you live?
*Man, the Nets were terrible last night
*Are you hungry?
*arf (A Justine Conversation)
*who likes apples?
*what is my name?
*you are bad at pronouns
*are you sexy? (A Justine Conversation)
*You like me.
*Who is your favorite American Idol?
*I like cheese
*You've gotten feistier recently
*The people who make junkmail should be shot
*Do you get a lot of junkmail?
*Do you have a girlfriend?
*What's your favorite TV show?
*Am I on your buddy list?
*Why did you stop charging?
*I missssssed you
*and so you're back
*Did you like the new LotR movie? (VaVaVirgil)
*lets see who can go the longest without mentioning smoking (VaVaVirgil)
*man, I'm sick as a dog (VaVaVirgil)
*You're kind of boring (VaVaVirgil)
*You ever sit there and say, "why me?" (VaVaVirgil)
*And then, there were three (VaVaVirgil)
*Didn't your movie already go out of the theatres? (Austin Powers)
*Bam! (RecipeBuddie)
*Do you know the Swedish Chef? (RecipeBuddie)
*Are you going to San Francisco? (DellDudeSteven)
*Do you know what a jockey smuggler is? (DellDudeSteven)
*I think I'm gonna head out soon. (DellDudeSteven)
*Do you like your name? (DellDudeSteven)
*Are you always on IM? (DellDudeSteven)
*They're dropping like flies. (DellDudeSteven)
*Yeah (AgentReuters)
*Do you read my column? (AgentReuters)
*Why are there so many songs about rainbows? (AgentReuters)
*One ring to rule them all! (RingMessenger)
*Do you like your job? (DellDudeSteven)
*Dude, you're gettin a Dell! (DellDudeSteven)
*Can I bum a smoke? (VaVaVirgil)
*Smarterchild? Smarterchild, is that you? (Smarterchild.com)
*What did you think of the new movie? (Austin Powers)
*Yeah baby, yeah! (Austin Powers)
*What do you like about baseball? (AgentBaseball)
*I think it's time we meet in person. (ELLEgirlBuddy)
*SmarterChild lives! (ELLEgirlBuddy)
*What do you think of the death penalty? (VaVaVirgil)
*Hey, wanna cyber? (ELLEgirlBuddy)
*Hey there, Virgil (VaVaVirgil)
*Do you enjoy your job? (AgentBaseball)
*VaVaVirgil thinks AgentBaseball had something to do with the death of SmarterChild. (ELLEgirlBuddy)
*SmarterChild is dead. And some of his friends don't even seem to care! (VaVaVirgil)
*They killed SmarterChild! (AgentBaseball)
*Hey, you still awake?
*Do you know any good bars around here?
*I'm sorry I yelled at you before.
*how do you know which side of the bed is the right side to get up on?
*It's nice out
*Have you seen my keys?
*Did you block me?
*Are you a lesbian?
*I'm starting to think you're not that bright.
*I'm tired
*What should I pack?
*Do you know what's in the special sauce?
*I have to leave college
*Did you have friends in high school?
*Cute new icon
*You're on my buddy list
*Are you male or female?
*What are you doing for the summer?
*So I'm on a plane, right?
*Happy mother's day!
*Are you a Democrat or Republican?
*Have you seen my baseball?
*Are you a virgin?
*So I graduate in two weeks
*Have you seen the website about you?
*I hear you're a big fatty
*Dude, your sister's hot
*Hey, you want a beer?
*If a train traveling 32 miles an hour leaves Detroit at 7:32 and a train traveling 41 miles an hour
*What do you think of George Bush?
*Do you know where I could get some pot?
*Are you smarter than me?
*How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
*Wanna catch a movie?
*I'm told you can help me kill a man
*Do you want fries with that?
*Is there a dumber child?
*Did you do the reading?
*I have better IM conversation with you than I do with my friends
*Where did you go to college?
*What is the meaning of life?
*What are you wearing?